These sites ought to function well on recent versions of commonly used browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) and on different devices and platforms (e.g. PCs running on Windows, iPads on IOS, Tablets on Android, and various smart phones). However, different browsers (with different settings and/or add-ons) can result in certain systems, or functionality within systems, not operating correctly.

The University of Pretoria's suite of systems are underpinned by technologies provided by a variety of third party vendors and the different browsers sometimes respond differently to these vendor technologies.

Consequently, users sometimes encounter problems when executing specific functions in a specific system with their preferred browser. This is mostly due to the combination of the specific user's browser, browser version and browser configuration options, invoked on the user's device and device operating system. It is also found that such problems occur more often on older versions of these browsers.

Users are therefore encouraged to download more than one browser onto their device and, should a problem be encountered when using a specific browser to then try accessing the same system with an alternate browser, before contacting the IT HelpDesk. The IT HelpDesk will then endeavour to assist.

Note that users report fewer problems when using recent versions of the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers than do users using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser.